Application Keyboard Shortcuts Visualizer

Well, I finally got some time to bring this project to a more complete and usable state. So… here it is! Tadaaa! Enjoy becoming a shortcut wizard.

Overview of how it works.

Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop

It has support for multiple applications, versions, operating systems and different keyboard layouts. I’ve added Photoshop, Lightroom and Blender to start with, and I hope the internet helps out with adding a lot more applications.

The data is scraped from online documentation for Adobe applications. For Blender, all shortcuts are accessible via their python api, which makes it really really awesome because everything can be nicely exported.

It’s open-sourced and hosted on GitHub pages, which is great because all commits to the gh-pages branch are instantly hosted and viewable by everyone.

Check it out yo!

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Working At Black Rock Studio (Multimania 2011 Talk)

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Ambient Light TV with a Raspberry Pi and a Webcam (Part2)

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All done!

All done!

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Ambient Light TV with a Raspberry Pi (Part1)

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Arduino 8×8 LED Screen

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All done! Time for testing

All done! Time for testing

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Blender Keyboard Shortcut Explorer

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Check it out yo!

Check it out yo!

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Doomsday special post

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From photo reference

From photo reference

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“Open with Intype” in context menu

I recently started using Intype instead of ugly old Notepad++. A feature I’ve been missing though, is the “Open with Notepad++” context menu option, but it turns out it’s quite easy to add one! All you have to do is … Continue reading

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Scraping the web with ♥ Python ♥

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Hello world!

After I heard the news, it gave me a reason to renew my portfolio website. And hey, why not add a blog while I’m at it? Disney hasn’t exactly confirmed they want to close the studio, but that’s just legal … Continue reading

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